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Okay, so I think something's DEFINETLY wrong with me. Its been about a month since I have thought of something good to actually write. The truth is, the only things that are on my mind lately are: Food, Music, and a story that I'm making. Even though the story is my secret, all I can… Continue reading Random Post

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Birthday Month

Okay, so I'm getting REALLY sick of WordPress right now. This is like the 3rd time I'm writing this, and it deleted my recent post, "5 thing I hate." But whatever, I have to write this AGAIN! I don't have a topic for today, so I'm just gonna write the birthdays that are coming up… Continue reading Birthday Month

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Top 8 Favorite Bands

I can't write a blog that talks about bands if you don't know what my favorite bands are, so down below is 8 of my absolute FAVORITE bands. So, LETS GET STARTED!!! 1. twenty one pilots I absolutely LOVE twenty one pilots! They are an alternative band that originated from Columbus Ohio. Not only are they both extremely adorable, but… Continue reading Top 8 Favorite Bands