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Top 5 Animes

Okay, first of all, I like listing down my favorite stuff. So this week, I'm listing down 5 of my favorite animes'. SO LET'S GET STARTED!!!!! School Live                                                       … Continue reading Top 5 Animes

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Top 5 favorite foods 

Okay, so here I am with ANOTHER list. Today's list is probably my favorite because it involves something I am deeply in love with...FOOD!!! Not only is my favorite hobby eating, but I could LITERALLY talk about food for days (Even though I'm a TERRIBLE cook). It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick 5 out… Continue reading Top 5 favorite foods 

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Top 8 Favorite Bands

I can't write a blog that talks about bands if you don't know what my favorite bands are, so down below is 8 of my absolute FAVORITE bands. So, LETS GET STARTED!!! 1. twenty one pilots I absolutely LOVE twenty one pilots! They are an alternative band that originated from Columbus Ohio. Not only are they both extremely adorable, but… Continue reading Top 8 Favorite Bands