Random stuff

Problems in Troubleland

For today’s challenge, we have to create a vlog, and this is where my problems start:

1- No Storage. As you may or may not know, I love music. I currently use Apple Music and used over 4.8 GB on my music. I only owl 11GB and I don’t know what is wasting my data, but I’m not allowed to even OPEN my camera. Therefore I had to use snapchat as my only video problem, which leads to problem NO.2.

2-Snapchat. For a BIG chunk of time, my snapchat was frozen and it failed to create the footage I needed. However, during lunch time I WAS able to get some content but this is where problem NO.3 starts.

3-IDK whuts goin’ on. I’m trying to upload my content but it won’t come through. WTF SNAPCHAT!!! BUT… I manage to get this single SAD video:

… Nevermind, APPARENTLY I have to update to a premium to put videos on here.

So I guess this was a long rant?



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