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So you guys are probably wondering, “Where is that sims 4 update you did last time?” and to that I say “I don’t know, the whole thing deleted!” Yes folks, My current household from the sims 4 (and the one you’ll see right now) both mysteriously vanished from my laptop. Somehow, I managed to find this rare gem: some screenshots from my sims 3 game. So here I have for you is a sims 3 current household that no longer exists. Enjoy!

ScreenshotThese two lovebirds names are- I actually don’t know their names because they got deleted and I have a terrible memory but for the use of this blog I’ll name them Jake and Chrissy- Jake and Chrissy! They fell madly in love and decided to elope to Evansdale County, a large city filled with excitement and activities! Screenshot-4As soon as they moved in, they decided to get their jobs. Chrissy decided to go for the music industry while Jake took up the law enforcement job. With some spare time left, Jake decided to take Chrissy on a date. They enjoyed a great action movie and visited a local bakery. They didn’t buy anything, but Chrissy shared that she hopes to become a 5 star chef and own her own bakery in the near future.

a (10)When the date came to a close, the couple chose to order pizza instead of going out. Jake is particularly joyful because he had never experience life in the city before. Living with a crowded household on a desolate farm, he was relieved when Chrissy asked him to move with her. He can’t help but to feel a little homesick when he takes a bite of the large greasy pizza though, It reminds him of what him mom used to make.

Screenshot-5a (1)It is now the next day and the pair feels more excited than ever! Today is their first day of work, so they decide to refine their required skills for work.

a (2)Since Jake leaves for work first, Chrissy decided to work on some household chores like bills n’ stuff when suddenly…

a (5)Out of nowhere a wild horse charges straight towards her! Chrissy is fascinated but terrified at the same time.

Well that is LITERALLY all the photos I have for this family. Just know I won’t be showcasing this household again and I will probably use a new household. I plan on doing a current household once a month? That’s it for now, BYEEEE



5 thoughts on “Sims 3 Current Household

  1. You blog is so original. I just have one question though, they got deleted right? Then how do you still have pictures? Also, name choices are amazing! It amazes me, it’s kind of like a different way of story telling. The characters you make just add more to the story that’s being told and adds visuals. Also, like that your blog is about a variety of things.

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  2. I really like this because you made it interesting. You told what was happening between the sims in a way that interested me. The writing wasn’t boring. I liked the pictures you added to accompany the writing! Very original!


  3. I used to fricken love the sims. I had the sims 4 and i would create me and my crushes and kinda just get them married have a kid and have that kid go to a teenager all in about 1-5 hours. But lord did i have fun. However i got a new laptop and EVERYTHING IS GONE. i cant remember my passwords for origin, i cant put the disk into my new computer, everything is ruined. I still like to think about it. as soon as sims 5 or something comes out ill make sure to jump and get it.


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