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Trying something different

Soo far I’ve done top 5’s and writing ideas so today I’m going to do something a little different. So if any of you guys REALLY know me, than you guys should know that I have a slight addiction to the sims. I have been playing the sims since 7th grade and I’ve spent over $800 on this simulation. For those of you who DON’T know what the sims is, lemme tell you. Quoted by the Urban Dictionary, the sims is-the best and most addictive computer game known to man.

I have been working on a household for some time now and I thought I would share it with all of you guys! I hope you enjoy!


This insane looking Sims’s name is Demi Douglas and I PROMISE that I have better pictures of her than this one. Demi is 19 and she’s an insider, dance machine, gregarious, and a foodie. She loves being social and dancing, along with food. She recently moved out of her parent’s house, due to some conflict with her mother, and now she lives in a nice apartment beside her sister’s.



“It feels so good to be with my sister again! We have so much to catch up on!”                Demi thinks as she takes a selfie with her older sister Toni. Demi can’t help but feel a little jealous, Toni has it all! The perfect job, the perfect child, the perfect husband…If only Demi could have that life.




“Living alone isn’t actually all that bad! I finally feel like I can do all of the things I want without my mother nagging at me over my shoulder!”                                                                 Even though Demi is afraid of being alone, she is starting to find the perks of solitude. She works out a lot more and hopes to maintain her petite figure, but there is a predator lurking in the midst of her apartment. The fridge. Ever since Demi was 5, her father taught her how to cook and since then, food has became her passion. Also Demi has found appreciation for the art of painting.

02-25-17_11-06-31-am“I wonder what they’ll think of me…”                                                                                                     Demi is scared, she is about to face her parents for the first time in a long time. The last time she saw them, she had just came out as Bisexual and her mother had kicked her out the house. If THAT wasn’t enough, Toni and her husband,  Ethan, would be there. Now Demi and Ethan had a past. A long, LONG past together. While Toni and Ethan were dating, Demi sorta kinda hooked up with Ethan as well. Even though she’s over him, Demi is not sure if he’s over her. This would be a LONG night.




“If I have to sit through this lame family reunion, I might as well make the most out of it.” Drink after drink, Demi chugs down the wine like she hadn’t drank for days. The tension is high and it seems as if all eyes are on  Demi. She IS the black sheep of the family after all. She also can’t help but notice that Ethan always disappears for a long period of time, Demi wonders if he found another girl to play with. And Why is her mother always giving her father a strange look after she looks at Demi? She hopes that this reunion will end quickly.



02-26-17_12-50-56-pm “Great! Just when I thought living in an apartment was awesome”                                              Demi found the downside of living in apartment. Neighbors! Demi met her first neighbor, Kaylie, and lets just say they had a pretty rocky start. After a pointless dispute between the two girls, they immediately did what people do best. The fought. And lets just say that Demi is going to feel the aurora of shame for a while. She wonders what the upcoming weeks will bring.

OKAY GUYS That was my current household! If you love it please comment, telling me if I should do more, BYE!!!


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