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Writing Update

こんにちは!(hi!) Whats up guys? I literally have nothing to say so I’m just gonna leave you here(I’m sorry for what your about to read) bye!

My heart buffeted against my rib cage as I climbed abroad the colossal airplane. I took a deep breath. I HAD to be intrepid, I couldn’t mess this up.

I briefly glanced at my colleague, Parker, who looked as calm as ever. It was no surprise though, he’s been doing this since he was 10. I scanned the area for seat 14A, in which I hurriedly sat down. ‘Breathe in breathe out’ I frantically fished around in the pockets of my jeans and let out a huge sigh of relief when I felt my small, hand held caliber. “Are you ok?” I looked to my side and noticed Parker in the seat beside me, his hand placed firmly on my left leg, “Your leg was vibrating insanely fast! Are you nervous? ” I blushed and slowly nodded, which made Parker chuckle.

He rested his head into the crook of my neck and sighed, “I remember my first time, it was a bank heist in Florida, I had just turned 10… You’ll get used to it.”

I attempted to regulate my breathing, but I can check out the fear which occupied my mind. We had conspired this clandestine for over a year now.

From what I heard, the Irish owes us money-and lots of it. I don’t know if it’s worth killing for, but our boss, Rocco, petrified me and the last thing I wanted to do was anger him. The task was pretty simple; we find our target, we kill our target. The only problem is: our target happens to be the pilot.

I glanced over at Parker, who is flirting with a flight attendant. I rolled my eyes, typical. The best in my stomach grew as I thought the planes wheels are tracked letting us know that we were no longer on the ground. Parker exchanged goodbyes with the flight attendant then smirked at me, “dude! You need to chill out “I blushed once more.

Ever since I joined them-The Mafia-I haven’t spoken a word. I was too scared. Too scared that I did say something wrong or mess up in anyway. I don’t even know WHY I joined. I was acting imprudent at the same time everything sounded great! You’d get to work with the infamous Italian Mafia, you’d have an unlimited supply of guns! Not to mention the amount of chicks that were at your fingertips, I mean who WOULDN’T want that?

I cased out the window, ‘me I guess’ now that I think about it, this was just a disillusion. Everything came with a price, and I was paying for mine.

BOOM! BOOM!  A loud noise crescendoed throughout the plane followed by bloodcurdling screams. It was time.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen we are experiencing a bit of a turbulence it would be smart of you to remain in your seats… Carter, you know what to do “I shuttered at Parkers sinister town. ‘3…’ I wrapped my scarf around my nose and pull down my hoodie.‘2…’ I hesitantly grabbed the gun out of my pocket. ‘1…’


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