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Okay, so I think something’s DEFINETLY wrong with me. Its been about a month since I have thought of something good to actually write. The truth is, the only things that are on my mind lately are: Food, Music, and a story that I’m making. Even though the story is my secret, all I can say is that I am REALLY proud of it so far. Anyways, this is all I have to write for now, so……LETS GET STRAIGHT TO THE RANDOMNESS!!!!!!!

Austin Carlile                                                                                                                                                     Image result for austin carlile gif To start this list off, I’m gonna talk about Austin Carlile. He is the lead singer for the band Of Mice and Men and honestly, I’m worried about him. He has marfan syndrome, which makes him really tall, skinny, and affects the connective tissue of the heart and blood vessels, eyes, bones, lungs, and covering of the spinal cord; making his conditions life threatening. His mother died from marfan syndrome, and he had to give up his dreams of being a baseball star because of his disease. Just a couple of weeks ago, Austin went to the hospital because of some complications in his spine. Even though I just discovered Austin recently, I feel like I have known him forever. He’s caring, funny, and has a good heart.

Think of your life as a book; each page is a day and each experience and timeframe in life is a chapter- Austin Carlile

The Mandela Effect                                                                                                                   Image result for mandela effectHonestly, the only reason  why I’m even THINKING about this one is because of a Shane Dawson video that he recently posted. For those who don’t know, the Mandela effect is the Mandela Effect is when someone has a clear memory of something that has never really happened. For example, many people know the common phrase “Luke I am your father” from Star Wars right? WRONG! The line is actually “No, I am your father. WHAT???????? “Luke I am your father” is literally on T-shirts, action figures, and on any other merchandise and  your telling me we’ve been getting this wrong the ENTIRE time? But get this, even the voice actor for Darth Vadar remembers saying “Luke I am your father”. Weird, right? anyways I could get into A TON more detail about the Mandela effect, but I’ll save all of that for another post. (Hey! I finally thought of something to write about!)

Conspiracy Theories                                                                                                                                 Image result for conspiracy theories

There is NOTHING I love to do more than question society. When I saw Shane Dawson upload his first conspiracy theory video, I knew I would instantly be in love. It all started with his first Disney Conspiracy. I didn’t think much of the video then, but the next time I watched a Disney movie, I questioned every move they made. I love all conspiracies from cartoon conspiracies to 9/11 conspiracies. I’ll save this for another video but I’ll leave you with this for now.



This is all I have for today, I really hope you like my post! I Think it would be realy cool to have some sort of fan name for you guys, so leave a comment own below if you have suggestions! I don’t have anything else today SO BYE FOR NOW!                        


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