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Birthday Month

Okay, so I’m getting REALLY sick of WordPress right now. This is like the 3rd time I’m writing this, and it deleted my recent post, “5 thing I hate.” But whatever, I have to write this AGAIN! I don’t have a topic for today, so I’m just gonna write the birthdays that are coming up this moth that I care about.

My sisters birthday-                                                                                  So, this past Wednesday was my sisters 13th birthday, A lot of people says that she looks like Me which I SERIOUSLY don’t get! I mean, I can see A TON of differences between us; but that’s not the point. For her birthday, my mother bought her a tiara for her to bring to school and cupcakes for her and her friends to eat. Whereas for my birthday, my mum did absolutely NOTHING! Instead for my birthday, my mom got herself a Porsche and carried me to the Cheesecake Factory later. We had to rush to eat because Mom had to go to work in a few hours. Anyways the point is that I hope that my sister had a great birthday.

Oli’s Birthday-                                                                                        So November 20th, is one of my many bæs, Oliver’s birthday. He’s turning 30 and even though I started liking his band (Bring Me the Horizon) last year, I feel  like I have known them forever! I was honestly more excited for his birthday than my own sisters! I even made him a Birthday Card! (Honestly sometimes I think that I’m A LITTLE too dedicated to bands). So, yeah! I really wish Oli a happy birthday and wishes that he will see many, MANY, more. In conclusion, Happy birthday Oli!

This is all I can think about right now, and hopefully I can think about something later, (I can’t really think about topics lately) Anyways, goodbye for now!                                               



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