Top 5s

Top 5 favorite foods 

Okay, so here I am with ANOTHER list. Today’s list is probably my favorite because it involves something I am deeply in love with…FOOD!!! Not only is my favorite hobby eating, but I could LITERALLY talk about food for days (Even though I’m a TERRIBLE cook). It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick 5 out of the millions of foods that I love, but here it is. LETS. GET. STARTED!!!!!

  1. Pancakes                                           OMG my mouth is watering just from LOOKING at this picture. I tried making pancakes a couple of days ago, but it failed TERRIBLY when I realized they were either raw on the inside, or burnt BEYOND repair. So I gave up on making pancakes my self, and will stick to eating pancakes at IHOP
  2. PizzaFirst of all, let me just say that THESE GUYS ARE SO LUCKY!!!!! If I were to find a pizza that size, I would LITERALLY eat most of it BY MYSELF! My favorite Pizza is Hawaiian and Cheese with stuffed crust. Whenever my mom would bring my sister and I pizza, she would bring us TWO SEPARATE BOXES of medium pizzas because she KNOWS that a small pizza isn’t good enough for us. Just the other day, my sister tried to make homemade pizza and it came out TERRIBLY! I will tell this story in another post, but let’s just say that I had stomach pains for a LONG time
  3. Burgers                                              Oh dear lord, I was searching for a picture of a burger on google and I JUST DIED!!! I seriously love burgers, whether their from Jakes Wayback or from Wendy’s, I LOVE THEM ALL! (Well other than McDonald’s burgers, but that’s a WHOLE different story) I could literally eat a burger for breakfast, lunch AND dinner; the funny thing is, my mom hates my burger addiction. She would take us to a restaurant to eat and I would IMMEDIATELY look in the burger section in the menu and it drives her crazy! 
  4. Chicken Carbonara It’s actually REALLY funny how I liked this dish, it all started when I was playing the Sims 3 and I came across a food option called “Goopy Carbonara” (I know it sounds gross, but trust me, It looked GOOD!)  then a couple days later, I went to my local BJs and found Chicken carbonara, which looked exactly like goopy carbonara. So my mom bought the Chicken Carbonara and it turned out to taste DELICIOUS! (Now that I think about it, this story wasn’t funny AT ALL) Anyways all in all, I thank the sims 3 for bestowing upon me such a delicious delicacy (what am I saying?!?!?)
  5. Potatoes I get REALLY offended when people calls them self a potato in a negative way, like have you SEEN a potato? They are the most BEAUTIFUL vegetable to live on this earth! There is French Fries, Baked Potatoes, Potato Wedges, Potato Pancakes, I could LITERALLY go ON!!! Potatoes have the MOST potential out of every food ever made! I could LIVE on nothing, but potatoes! Potatoes can complete ANY dish from French fries with a burger to Steamed Potatoes with a lemon herb salmon. Potatoes IS THE QUEEN over all food, and if you call your self a potato, you should say it with PRIDE. Overall…I love Potatoes!!!

If you managed to finish this list without feeling hungry, kudos to you; because now, I’m STARVING!!! I really have to make a part 2 to this post, because I have only started to tell you guys about my favorite foods (don’t even get me started about Japanese food) Anyways, none of these pictures belong to me so I give some credit to whoever took the pictures. 

GOODBYE FOR NOW!!!!                        


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