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Top 8 Favorite Bands

I can’t write a blog that talks about bands if you don’t know what my favorite bands are, so down below is 8 of my absolute FAVORITE bands. So, LETS GET STARTED!!!

1. twenty one pilots

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I absolutely LOVE twenty one pilots! They are an alternative band that originated from Columbus Ohio. Not only are they both extremely adorable, but their music is really relatable. (Not to mention they are BEST FRIEND GOALS)

Current Favorite Song: Taxi Cab

2. All Time Low 

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All Time Low is one of those bands that you just HAVE to love. All Time Low is a pop-punk band from Baltimore Maryland. They have a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh when I’m feeling down, and most of the songs is about True love, or dealing with Anxiety.

Current Favorite Song: Thanks to You

3. Pierce The Veil

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Pierce the veil is the first Alternative/Rock band I started listening to, (thanks to my best friend Zuzana). Pierce the veil is a Mexican post-hardcore band that started in San Diego California.  They are also really funny and caring to their fans, and I love the meanings in their songs.

Current Favorite Song: Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)

4. Sleeping With Sirens                                                                                                                        

Image result for Sleeping with sirens gif

 I started listening to Sleeping With Sirens soon after Pierce the Veil. Sleeping With Sirens is a Rock band that started in Orlando Florida. The lead singer, Kellin Quinn (Middle) has a 4-year-old daughter named Copeland, and I think it’s really adorable how he writes songs about her, and posts pictures of her on social media. (Making him MAJOR father goals).                                                                         

Current Favorite Song: If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn 

5. Bring Me The Horizon                                                                                                                          

Image result for bring me the horizon 2015 gifI started listening to Bring Me The Horizon back in 7th grade, but recently started obsessing over them. Bring Me The Horizon is a British rock band, and I really love how I can listen to their songs for hours and hours without getting bored with it. (Not to mention I have a HUGE crush on the lead singer Oliver Sykes *Middle*).

Current Favorite Song: Drown (New)

6. Of Mice and Men                                                                                                                                     I just started listening to Of Mice and Men a couple of weeks ago. Of Mice and Men is a metalcore band from Orange County California. I really love this band because of how funny the lead singer, Austin Carlile is. Also they’re total sweethearts, and I love their song Second and Sebring, which is about the death of Austin’s mother.

Current Favorite Song: Second and Sebring

7. Panic! At The Disco                                                                                                                              Panic! At The Disco is another band I recently started listening to. Panic! at the Disco is an American Rock Band from Las Vegas, Nevada. I love Brendon Urie’s the vocal range      (How can he sing so high???) and I also love how their music makes you wanna dance.

Current Favorite Song: Death Of A Bachelor

8. BABYMETAL                                                                                                                                     BABYMETAL is a Japanese heavy metal band (they SERIOUSLY don’t sound heavy metal). I really like them because their music is so catchy and just adorable in general.

Current Favorite Song: Karate



I have a TON more bands to go over, but by now your probally asleep so I’ll end it here. I am seriously a HUGE fangirl of bands, and I can talk about them for hours! Also, all of the featured images are not mine so I give some credit to them. Also, this is my first post, so I’m sorry if its so bad, but this is my first blog post and i’ll promise to try and improve as the year goes on. So thats all for now, GOOD BYE!                                                                        









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